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Elite Sport Performance Training

The Next Level Speed and Strength performance center was created in response to a growing demand for a safe and intelligent approach towards Sports Performance in a professional environment. We strive to improve the athletic development of each athlete in the areas of Bio Mechanics, Athletic Fitness, and Mental Fitness, under the direction of our Professionally Certified staff. We are committed towards reaching the optimal level performance from each athlete that is involved in our program.


Our Sports Performance program is designed to make you stronger, faster, and more agile. Our state-of-the art facility in Bevercreek Ohio will transform a good athlete into a great one!

Get The Edge on your competition

We provide custom support training programs with expert coaching. Everyone who walks through our doors is treated and trained like a elite athlete with our intense motivating atmosphere and our emphasis on developing positive character, core values, and self esteem. We accomplish this while improving agility, athletic performance and strength.


We offer customized Speed and Strength training for ages 10 and up.  We have programs designed to meet the demands of creating top athletes for any sport.

Go from good to great

Behind every top athlete, there's a great trainer.  The Next Level Speed and Strength training center can give you the expertise to improve the flexibility, speed, agility and performance of great athletes.


You'll understand the science of human movement and discover cutting-edge, evidence-based sports performance exercise techniques that can help you build tougher, faster and stronger athletes.

From the bench to the field

We will train you to reach your highest potential and athletic performance. You will  train with other elite athletes in our intense motivating training session Get off the bench and rule the game!


Our proven technics will help you in any sport from football to basketball, track to golf. Whatever your game is we will help you succeed.





The Next Level Speed and Strength training center can give you the expertise to improve the flexibility, speed, agility and performance of great athletes.READ MORE ...





 Improve your
performance now!






Sports Acceleration Training is designed to improve strength, power, agility, quickness, flexibility, technique, and prevent injury.






Injury prevention training is simply a well-designed and comprehensive strength and conditioning program implemented






 SPORTS ACCELERATION Improve your skillsin any sport.  







 INJURY PREVENTION Stay in the game by
learning how to stop
from getting hurt.





The main focus of power training is to maximize strength in the smallest amount of time.








Overpower your competition. 






Speed Training is a very important component of sports. Athlete’s will train hours upon hours just to gain that extra boost or half second of speed.







Our agility exercises are designed for quicker feet and are excellent for any sport, but especially beneficial






 INCREASE SPEED  Speed can decide who
will win or lose










Outlastyour competition.